Hyper Harmonized Hydroxylated Fullerene Water Complex (3HFWC) is the main product of TFT Nano Center.

Schematic presentation of 3HFWC substance: in the core is molecule C60, the first layer is composed of OH groups, and the second part is composed of 3-9 water molecules layers.
Microscopic image of 3HFWC substance in size 14.50 nm (seven water layers).
Spectra of water and 3HFWC: in the range from 2500-2700 nm and 2750-2900 nm spectra is same, but from 2730-2750 nm spectra is quite different because of hydrogen bonds of 3HFWC are much stronger, about three times.
Schematic presentation of 3HFWC influence on water and biomolecules

3HFWC influence on water and biomolecules:

  • Influence of 3HFWC on bulk water to form water linear chains by icosahedral (Fibonacci) properties is based on charge distribution between oxygen and hydrogen atoms of covalent and non-covalent hydrogen bonds in chains. 
  • Influence on protein conformation states: vibrations and signal transduction of 3HFWC will force biomolecules to change unnatural conformation state, restore their moisture level, regain proper function and support tissue regeneration.
  • 3HFWC substance itself is crystalline, but also it generates crystalline states of other molecules like water in creams applied on the skin. This kind of product forms a film and promotes hydration and water retention.
  • Water clusters with icosahedral symmetry together with water ordered in linear chains form water networks with icosahedral symmetry properties.


MB: Female, 30 years old

Reduced wrinkle depth:

  • The skin is smoother,
  • Better blood flow and vitality.

Rejuvenation of the epidermis:

The epidermis plays a major role in protecting the skin from external influences – viruses, UV radiation, etc.

  • Significantly increased cell count
  • 87% increase in thickness
  • The synthesis of fibroblasts and
    eosinophils is increased which
    contributes to the function of the
    immune system.

Improved skin collagen characteristics:

  • 38-85% increase in collagen content,
  • Improved collagen organization for a better look and skin health.

Improved skin elastin characteristics:

  • 40-80% increase in the amount of elastin,
  • Improved fiber organization.


Skin quality assay after the 3HFWC cream application for 4 weeks.

The results of skin biopsy before/after treatment showed that skin health directly depends on the depth, density and uniformity of elastin, collagen and epidermis.


Monitoring the effects of cream based on 3HFWC substance before and after 4 weeks of intense tanning.

MB: Female, 30 years old

The skin has received dark pigmentation without visible consequences of sun exposure, such as burns, flaking/dandruff, hyperpigmentation.


DjK, Male, 73 years old

We have been starting research and development of nano harmonized substances since 2002. Some of our researchers use creams all the time. Two-third of the left hand was treated by cream with nano harmonized substance (left) once per week (in average), while one one-third part is not treated. A two-third of right hand (right) was treated once per month (in average), and another part of right hands did not treat (below- left).
The elasticity of the skin is presented on diagrams. The maximum value is 100 points. Man of 73 years old has 82 points for the left hand which is treated by nano cream, 50.3 points for the right hand which is treated from time to time and 45 points for the right and lefts hands which are not treated. If we compare skin elasticity in three-positions from the same person and compare with another person, (male, age 30 years), which was 56 points, the benefit of using a cream with nano harmonized substance is evident.