3HFWC  (3H – hydroxylated, harmonized and hyperpolarized, F – fullerene base C60, W – water, C – complex)

Formula: [C60 (OH)36 • (H2O)2016]Φ/φ

Quality control: Each batch of this product is characterized by opto-magnetic imaging spectroscopy (OMIS).  As part of standard quality control, physical and chemical characteristics of each batch are evaluated in our laboratory, as well as microbial purity by accredited laboratory.

This product is produced using high purity water (18.2 MΩ) and 99.99% pure fullerol C60 (OH)36  by the action of a strong oscillating magnetic field.

3HFWC is water-soluble and could be incorporated in various cosmetic products easily, through the hot or cold production process. 

TFT plant for manufacturing 3HFWC substance is semi-automated and may produce 120 kg per day nano substance for cosmetic use. About 10-20% in cream is 3HFWC substance, depends on the type of cosmetic product. Based on this quantity it is possible to produce 600-700 kg creams.

ZEPTER GROUP has plant in Neuchatel, Switzerland for production 700 kg cream per day.