3HFWC INCI name: Water (and) Hydroxylated Fullerenes

3HFWC improves the state and function of natural biomolecules in a biophysical way.

3HFWC corrects irregular state of biomolecules using the energy of fullerene cage oscillations, without chemical reactions and unwanted side products.

Mechanism of action of most cosmetic products constituents is based on participation in chemical reactions that correct irregular form and function of molecules in the tissue, or mechanisms that increase the amount of moisture or other important ingredients in the skin. Beside active components, cosmetic products include other substances with various roles in the product, such as preservation, antioxidative activity, perfuming etc. Unfortunately, many ingredients used in cosmetic products often cause side effects (dermatitis, allergic reactions, irritation).

3HFWC, as an active component of cosmetic products, can prevent all these problems. This unique ingredient is able to protect, hydrate, and regenerate skin simultaneously. In the proper vehicle and sufficient amount in the product, 3HFWC can prevent external and internal skin damage, activate internal skin regeneration potential, and even substitute preservatives and antioxidants in the final products formulation. 3HFWC visibly improves skin quality and aesthetic appearance, having no side effects.

Left: C60 rotation

Right: 3HFWC structure

  1. C60 molecule
  2. covalently bound -OH groups
  3. strong non-covalent hydrogen bonds (Fibonacci order)
  4. water