Hyperlight Fluid Fusion

Hyperlight Fluid Fusion

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Enriched with fullerene, Hyperlight Fluid Fusion urban body mist. Provides natural protection against microorganisms and tones.
The mist improves the biophysical properties of the skin and provides year-round protection against UV radiation. Thanks to the C60 carbon component, which works perfectly with light, it restores the natural harmony of the skin at the cellular level.

The efficient mist is designed for:

• protection against microbial infections,
• soothing itching and dry skin,
• reconstruction of the skin barrier,
• strengthening the natural defense of the skin,
• protection of the skin against negative external factors (UV, dangerous light
blue, etc.),
• preventing and supporting treatment,
• deep hydration of the skin and hair,
• maintaining oral hygiene,
• care of intimate areas.


Enrichment with nano gold particles to improve product efficacy. Find out more in the video:

Hyperlight Fluid Fusion with nanogold