Our Team

Prof. Dr Đuro Koruga

Ph.D, Director (CEO)

Prof. Djuro Koruga has joint PhD in engineering and medicine, and his main responsibility is to provide the technical knowledge of this cutting edge technology. His stellar academic career spans several decades at the forefront of nanotechnology and biomedicine. Among his many accolades, he is head of NanoLab at the University of Belgrade, a Gold Awards winner from the WIPO for the best innovation (patent) in 2018, and 2008 from Belgrade Association of Inventors for nanotechnology. During his stay in the USA (1990-1997), he works for NSF, NASA, Army and DARPA projects in MER Inc. and at the University of Arizona. He is a pioneer in molecular electronics and nanotechnology, and he was invited to participate at the first U.S. Army Natick Research conference on nanotechnology in 1993. Professor Koruga’s decades of striving in this field make him a world expert, offering unrivalled critical know-how about both current and future uses of this ground-breaking technology. It is only with his high-level understanding that the power of this technology can be applied to create tangible and lasting change in the field of cancer screening.

Jelena Janać

PhD in Pharmacy -Medical Biochemistry

She is medical biochemist with experience in biomedical laboratory and scientific work. Her doctoral thesis “The assesment of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of high-density lipoproteins and their associations with markers of dyslipidemia and metabolic syndrome” was defended at The Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Belgrade). Jelena is the first author of two and co-author of 10 manuscripts.

Nenad Jevtić

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering – Biomedical Engineer, Manager of Process engineering

He completed his bachelor and master studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. He defended master thesis “Testing of Stability of nano substances based on C60 molecule from subject Nanotechnologies”. This master thesis deals with the characteristics and properties of the hyperharmonized hydroxylated fullerenes water complex using the OMIS method and pH conductometer as well as real-time stability testing for 12 months and stability testing in accelerated testing for 4 months. The obtained results were processed by statistical methods in order to further improvement the characterization and production of nano substances.

Work experience gained working in TFT in the management of maintenance of process equipment and systems for the production of nano-cosmetic substances. Responsible for the implementation of Standards and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that are aligned with local requirements and directly responsible for the quality of production and final product. The project that currently based on the Construction of facility for production of sterile galenical preparations and cosmetic substance, solutions for the Conceptual design, development of qualification documents and URLs and participation in the selection of process equipment/systems. The fundamental determinant of his professional profile: good knowledge in nanotechnology, mechanical engineering, maintenance in a manufacturing facility and designer of process engineering.

Zorana Njegovan

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering – Biomedical Engineer, Manager of Quantum cosmetics

Zorana is the Assistant Director for Production, Promotion and Marketing of 3HFWC substance at TFT Nano Center. She is a PhD student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering, at the University of Belgrade. Her Master thesis was: Effects of gold nanoparticles and double derivative of C60 molecules on skin biophysical properties. She participates in the process of substance production, its characterization and production of products based on the substance. She is in charge of organizing and conducting studies of testing the effects of new products. Her main areas of interest are nanotechnology and early diagnosis of cancer.

Milica Miličić

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering – Biomedical Engineer, Coordinator of Biomedical studies

She is an enthusiastic and dedicated worker at TFT Nano Centre/ZeptoHyperTech – ZEPTER GROUP and Research assistant, as a Ph.D. student, at the Mechanical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering, at the University of Belgrade. She has strong interests in Physics and Biology, as well as for consciousness and she decided to pursue her career in these two three fields integrated into the psycho-bio-physics for biomedical engineering area. She has been the recipient of the “The best students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering” award and of Scholarship sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. Her Bachelor’s thesis was „Monitoring creatinine clearance in hemodialysis patients by using Vis-NIR spectroscopy”, while her Master’s thesis is related to nano and quantum optics “Spectroscopic characterization of BIOPTRON colour therapeutics filters”, which are used for skin and eye-brain treatments (psycho-bio-physical effects).

Ana Jovanović

Research Associate:

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering – Biomedical Engineer, Coordinator of cosmetic studies

She completed Bachelor and Master studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. Her Master thesis was: „Spectroscopic characterization of colour filters and proposing their optimal number for therapy”. She is an employee at TFT Nano Center/ZeptoHyperTech – Zepter Group and participates in organization and coordination of cosmetic studies.

Jasmina Filipović

Senior Associate:

BSc, Quality Controller of the final products

Ten years of experience in manufacturing optical lenses. She has experience in following job titles: operator in the production of optical lenses, operator of final quality control and operator in the lab for Hard Coating. At this moment she is working as the main operator in final quality control of nanophotonic lenses. Also, she performs a visual inspection and packs the lenses in boxes for further placement.


Aleksandra Dragičević

External Collaborator:

Ph.D., Mech. Eng., Project Funding Manager

Aleksandra’s main responsibility is to manage the company on an operating level, engineering the products for sale, by taking the technology and applying it to the market. She is a joint senior research scientist at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade and TFT Nano Centre. Her undergraduate and postgraduate work in both medicine and engineering puts her at the leading edge of Nanomedicine, presenting award-winning presentations across Europe and the US. She has been developing applications based on the characterization of epithelial tissue and nano creams using Opto-magnetic imaging spectroscopy and other methods for tissue characterization for over 8 years. She was a project manager of 7 projects with applications in industry. Her continuing dedication will see even more good come from this ground-breaking nexus of engineering and medicine.

Ass. Prof. dr. Suzana Miljković

External Collaborator:

M.Sc., Ph.D. in pharmacy and cosmetology, Senior scientist in nanocosmetics and pharmacy

She has more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and many original cosmetic products, mainly skincare and sun protection products, on the market. She initiated sun protection education and skin cancer prevention, among healthcare professionals as well as for the general public, and after about 15 years of numerous activities in this field, became the first Ph.D. for public health in Serbia. Her main responsibility in TFT NanoCentre is to create health care products using innovative technologies, long-lasting professional experience and knowledge in nanotechnology, cosmetology, pharmacy, nutrition and marketing, having in mind quality, safety and efficiency of the products, as well as the actual regulatory frame.